Morta Sortas 45mm Diamond Coated Mortar Rake


Our 45mm long high concentration diamond coated mortar rake has its diamond segment vacuum brazed to the shaft with a tough hard wearing tungsten carbide bond for excellent durability. Will work in harder mortars where carbide rakes will fail. Made with a single piece design and mount directly on to any standard angle grinder spindle M14 (or 5/8 inch for USA / Canada). This new spec Morta Sorta bit now comes complete with a premium quality crosshead TCT double fluted masonry drill to pilot the initial hole in the mortar. After this the Mortar Sorta router is run through the mortar joints. Best used in conjunction with a suitable guide plate. Please see our other listings for our excellent Turptech Guide Plate Plus and starter kits.

Advantage over diamond mortar raking disks

• Vertical as well as horizontal routing possible
• Easier and less dangerous to operate than the diamond disks
• Deep routing possible for insertion of helibars etc
• Efficient dust collection is possible (with use of guide plate) 

Technical specifications

Condition New
Weight 0.2kg


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Nigel Renaut - Hassocks

Till I bought these I was hand chiseling. Never again!