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Proper Copper Atomic Strip Draught Excluder

Proper Copper Atomic Strip Draught Excluder

Proper Copper Draught Excluder

Strip 6 Metre Roll including all Fixings

Proper copper draught strip cuts down draughts in a traditional home, without spoiling its appearance. Simply installed, it stands alone in combining reliable effectiveness with the aesthetic charm of copper, a material used in buildings for thousands of years. It is suitable for use with most timber windows and doors.


Ensure that the door is correctly fitted. The gap between the door and frame should exceed 2mm. Remove paint runs, filler nails etc., from the surface to which the strip is to be fitted. Cut separate lengths for each jamb and the head. Nail in position using the indents in the strip. The strip may be sprung so that it makes contact with the door on closing using a ballpoint pen or similar shaped tool. Run the tool along the springing line, which is visible adjacent to the pin line, adjusting the pressure exerted in order to achieve the desired degree of lift.

The 25mm wide strip is the standard door type. We also offer the 14mm width which is suitable for casement windows / french doors / windows (closing overlaps).



Our Price: £24.99

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jamie Brand from Dorset   5 Stars
Great product. Just what I wanted.No more draughts. Arrived on time.I would recommend this product to anyone who has a wooden door.

Reviewer: Sean Bond from Cambridge   5 Stars
This product takes a little effort to install but it is worth it. Tapping the nails into place first helps. I much prefer this type of Draught Excluder to the stick-on foams. For a start, it is permanent and it doesn''t rot or peel. Secondly, it is a mechanical seal that fills the gap at the side and top of the door where the draught can get in. An adhesive-based solution at the side of a door is always prone to being pushed out of place each time the door is closed. Thirdly, it helps to hold the closed door in place because of the tight fit it produces. My parents had this draught excluder fitted in a house that was built in the 1950s. It''s a tried and tested solution and it works. Five stars.

Reviewer: Brian Budd from Arbroath   5 Stars
I ordered this product at about 3:00 pm and had it at 9:30 the next morning. Nothing else works as well in period homes.

Reviewer: Steve Johnson from Ascot   5 Stars
This has worked when the other methods (foam plastic) haven''t. The supplied nails work really well in piercing the prepunched markings on the copper. There is now no perceived draught around the side door of my house even when it is windy.

Reviewer: A M Newman from Birmingham   5 Stars
I am glad somebody still stocks such an excellent product. Beats a lot of the other contemporary draught excluding devices you can buy and can be adjusted to fit a variable sized gap. Prompt efficient service, so I am very pleased, thank you.

Reviewer: Michael Benjamin from Malvern   5 Stars
A quality product that does the job.

Reviewer: Keith Dunnett from Alford, Lincs   5 Stars
Quick and as described. This is a brilliant product if you have very uneven gaps round doors etc. Even works on the side frames of old wooden sliding sash windows!

Reviewer: Miranda Stephenson from Exeter   5 Stars
This is EXACTLY what it says. Great way to match up old copper draught strip. Really quick service. All round great!

Reviewer: Ann Harwood from Epsom   5 Stars
Fantastic thank you. Glad to find an excellent product still around.

Reviewer: Michael Blunden from Esher   5 Stars
This product was used in my house many years ago and this current batch is proving to be every bit as efficient. Would recommend it to anyone, especially bearing in mind the simplicity in fixing it.

Reviewer: Patricia Carter from London W6   5 Stars
This is a fantastic product, we''re using it at our front door and it''s made an incredible difference. Easy to install too - though looks a bit intimidating when it arrived, once we got going, it was easy, just used a hammer and a scissors.

Reviewer: Martin Amia from East Grinstead   5 Stars
For wooden doors in old houses this is ideal. It''s great that it''s available and it will last for ever!

Reviewer: Elena Nance from Maidstone, Kent   5 Stars
Fitted today, and YES it works. I have an old victorian door that the wing blows straight through NOT NOW. I was going to have my porch double glazed at a cost over £1,000 No need now.

Reviewer: Peter Talbot from Polperro   5 Stars
The problem that I had with the draught on my front door was caused by a very thin but draughty gap. I tried several 'roll of foam' solutions but they were all too fat and stopped the door from closing easily. I remembered that this solution existed from my childhood and searched for it on the web and came up with this. It worked perfectly. The door closes easily and there is no draught. Excellent product.

Reviewer: Marc Reed from Wiltshire   5 Stars
Exactly what it is. Works better than and foam strip or brush. Adjustable to allow for different or changing gaps. I remember this from when I was a kid. It has made a significant difference to our hallway. Slight hiccup on shipment but the company where efficient, polite and apologetic, refunded my shipping so no complaints - great customer service which is rare these days.

Reviewer: Simon Gee from Brighton   5 Stars
if you are competent enough to put up a shelf you can do this. it's a bit expensive for what it is BUT it does work if installed properly. you will need to make sure that you have sufficient gap around the door for it to be installed as well as a tool to hit a few nails (usually called a hammer) and something to measure and cut it. once in pace you bend the unfastened edge away from the frame and then when the door closes it pushes against the newly raised bit creating a variable thickness seal...brilliant.

Reviewer: Andrew Pybus from Epping   5 Stars
Used to have a howling gale around the door now it is airtight. The copper is pre-marked for the nails and whilst it is simple to fit it does take patience. My door frame was particularly hard and the nails were too soft to penetrate the wood (not a problem with the nail). Got around this by pre-drilling each hole with a 1.5mm drill 5mm shorter than the nail.

Reviewer: Christopher Bennett from Abergele   5 Stars
I could not find a local supplier for this traditional draught excluder and this excellent company came to my rescue. My order was processed immediately and arrived a couple of days later, well before the advised delivery window. The goods are as described - a good quality product that works far better than modern, short-lived plastic or foam rubber draught excluders.

Reviewer: Jonah from Westgate   5 Stars
We have old oak doors that have shrunk and warped slightly over time - with visible daylight on one side! The copper strips work perfectly in sealing the edges and they look great (unlike a rubber or foam strip!). To fit the strips simply measure the section of the frame you want to fit it to, cut the strip to the correct length (scissors work fine for this as the copper is fairly soft) and then tack in place - as the tacks are pretty small and fiddly I used a thin 1 inch nail to punch through the copper and just into the wood, then pulled the nail out and pushed in the tack by thumb before hammering into place. Working down the strip alternating holes, then going back and doing the ones inbetween, this avoids any buckling of the strip and ensures it stays flat. The trickest part is probably "scoring" the edge and bending it, it's very hard to keep this straight and is easier with a ruler.

Reviewer: Nicholas Kynaston from Stockwell Green   5 Stars
Great item, ideal for draught proofing with a traditional look.

Reviewer: Malcolm McKidd from Glasgow   5 Stars
The original atomic strip on our kitchen door had been there for 40 + years and was past it best so it was wonderful to find a source for this product. Like a previous reviewer, I found it best to pre-punch the tack holes however try as I might I could not raise the spring by scoring the line, even with a ruler. Eventually I discovered the best way was to gently make a wide v-shape with a pair of wide nosed pliers prior to fitting on the wall. If necessary you can then when fitted ease the strip out further if required.

Reviewer: Fiona D from Thame   5 Stars
Ordered this after trying several other products with no success. Prompt delivery and although installation is a little time consuming it's straightforward and reasonably easy. The product itself is visually gorgeous once in place and suits my period property beautifully. It is also hugely effective - can already tell the difference and would thoroughly recommend.

Reviewer: E Dalton from Harpenden   4 Stars
Bought to replace similar, much aged copper draught excluder which had to be removed from an original period internal door and frame during renovation works. Much more in keeping with a Victorian/Edwardian house than foam draught excluder products.

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